Meet Your Community Affairs Manager Quinlyn Taylor

Meet Your Community Affairs Manager Quinlyn Taylor: + Spring 2024 Staff

April 22, 2024 in Features

by DJ deputy

What is your position at KVRX and how long you've been at staff?

Community Affairs Manager, since fall 2022

What is your major and year of graduation?

RTF, spring 2025

Do you have a show at KVRX? What's the name and what's it about?

I didn't have a show this semester, but my show is called Radio's Most Wanted! I'm a huge fan of country and western music, and Radio's Most Wanted combines all things folk, bluegrass, alt-country, blues, etc. I am super interested in the roots of western music, and I hope that my show can expose people to songs that go against the grain of modern post-9/11 pop-country.

Why did you join KVRX?

To be completely honest, I initially showed interest in KVRX because I thought someone on staff who I met was sexy. lol. But after going to the new member meeting, I knew KVRX was where I belonged on campus. Everyone I met was so cool, and KVRX combined all of my interests in the most perfect way. Truly the best decision I made in college, and I hope one day I can be the sexy staff member that draws in a new DJ...

Favorite KVRX Memory?

I treasure the memories of meeting my best friends at KVRX. I can pinpoint where and when at the KVRX station that I met so many of my dearest friends now. Whether it was being a mentee on their show, gabbing at deep listening, or walking to the food trucks after a meeting, there are so many special people that I have met through college radio. I love you all so very much!

Advice for new DJs?

Don't be afraid to get involved! I know that coming in as a new DJ can be intimidating, but never hesitate to insert yourself, ask questions, and volunteer! The way I met all my friends in KVRX was just by showing up to things. KVRX doesn't have to be your home on campus, but it totally has the potential to be. All you have to do is be there :).

Quinlyn's Picks:

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