Meet Your FER Director: Fernanda Loeza González

Meet Your FER Director: Fernanda Loeza González

December 6, 2022 in Features

by DJ peach ice

What's your position and how long have you been on staff?

FER, and I have been on staff for Two semesters

What is your typical day like as a staff member?

Listen to KVRX on my way to the station. Listen to more KVRX in the station. Listen to KVRX on my way back home. And dig through the internet for POC, LGBT+, etc. artists that we can book/promote through KVRX.

What do you do outside of KVRX?

Outside of KVRX I make a lot of films, from music films to narrative films. I like to focus a lot in the post production type of things so, editing, sound editing, visual effects, color collecting, and stuff like that but I also enjoy the production side of things especially creating a bond with people who all have the same goal at the end which is to make a film. I also like to go to coffee shops and taste every single matcha that I can find in Austin so if you have any recommendations let me know. I am attempting to get good at bass because I eventually want to play a little show with my friends for fun and even take that a step further who knows. I am also a full-time dog mom outside of KVRX and that is something that I really pride myself in shout out to Maya I love you !

What is the name of your show? What is your show about?

I’m going to talk about my first show because I want to but anyways the name of my first show was called resurrecting Alex because I have always had a strong connection to the name Alex and I was sad at the time that I hadn’t met anyone named Alex or haven’t seen a show with a character named Alex in it anything that would make the presence of the Alex word be known in my life was not coming to me so I decided to take matters into my own hands and bring Alex back into my life with my KVRX show. This was a freeform show which I loved because I got to play whatever I was feeling that week so I would just base every week off of the emotions I was feeling which is some thing that would just give me some downtime to reflect on those feelings and do so by sharing some cool music that I had found throughout the week.

If you could only play one album on your show what album would it be? Why?

If I could only play one album on my show I think it would have to be Random Access Memories by Daft Punk because there’s not a time when that album won’t bring joy to me. You also have your slow songs, your beep boop songs, and then your dancing songs, and the classic get-lucky which will never get old. this album just means a lot to me and I would never get tired of it. I could technically pause at every single second of the album and dissect it for my listeners so we can go on a journey of Daft Punk music production, I would make it a Daft Punk music production behind-the-scenes show. But also a show to just dance and enjoy life while it lasts because YOLO.

Favorite concert?

My favorite concert would have to be the Caroline Polachek‘s Pang tour because she is just too good for this world and her vocals and performance are on another level and it’s insanity. A Close friend of mine bought me the tickets as a birthday present because my birthday had been the same week of the concert and it was just the best way to welcome my 20s. I had a wonderful night, we howled at the moon and danced and cried and laughed and giggled and I just loved everything about it was just so lovely and I love her and I will for sure be at her next tour.

If you could have your favorite artist sing you Happy Birthday who would it be and why?

If I could have an artist sing me Happy Birthday I think it would have to be Rosalia because I know that bitch would add some Reggaeton vibes to it but still make it authentic and technically she would sing me last Mañanitas instead of the English birthday song which is what I would prefer because I hate the English birthday song it’s so bad and I hate it. I think we should normalize using it as Mañanitas for everyone

If you could only listen to one song on repeat for the rest of your life, what song would it be?

If I could only listen to one song on repeat for the rest of my life I would choose pink toes by Childish Gambino featuring Jhené Aiko. this song has always been one of my top songs and I will never get tired of it, this song takes you on a journey with its ups and downs and its lovely harmonies and vocals and you can tell the storytelling aspect within the song and I just love it. I also love it because my mom, who doesn’t speak English, will still sing along to the song with me, specifically the “rainbows sunshine” part and it makes me happy. I am also a big Bino fan and I will forever cherish and love that man with my whole heart

What's your favorite KVRX memory?

My favorite KVRX memory would have to be the end of the year spring 2022 party because it was my first KVRX party and I didn’t know what to expect from it coming in but I ended up having lots of fun. I loved meeting people that I hadn’t even talked to all semester and putting a face to a radio show that I have been a fan of for a long time but didn’t know who the DJ behind it was. I also just like seeing everyone do dumb shit and be themselves without being scared of judgment which is what KVRX is.

Lastly...what advice would you give to the new DJs?

Just have fun. At the end of the day, this is college radio we are all learning we are all trying our best but we are still on the journey of growing up and learning how to navigate the world and I think KVRX is a perfect way to find yourself with the help of a fun and caring community

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