Meet Your Graphics Director: Maile Carballo

Meet Your Graphics Director: Maile Carballo

April 10, 2024 in Features

by DJ John F. Spinnedy

What's your position at KVRX and how long you've been on staff

I'm currently our Graphics Director, but got started working with the staff as a graphics intern Fall of my Freshman year.

What is your major and year of graduation

I'm studying advertising and pursuing a minor in entrepreneurship planning to graduate in Spring of 2026.

Do you have a show at KVRX? What's the name and what's it about?

I do! I host the greatest, most peculiar radio show this side of the Colorado River... THAT'S PECULIAR! You can tune in every Friday morning from 8:00-9:00 AM to hear a new "peculiar" theme each week ranging from Sea Shanties to Disco to Moog.

Why you joined KVRX

One of the deciding factors for me when choosing UT was the fact that KVRX 91.7 would connect me to such a vibrant music community. Being in Austin, we're blessed with so many opportunities to mix our professional interests with our passion for music. Thankfully for us KVRX-ers, that intersection takes place in the Live Music Capital of the World! Because of this, I couldn't think of pursuing my education anywhere else in the country..

Favorite KVRX Memory?

I would say that all of my favorite memories fall under the umbrella fact that KVRX has connected me to so many wonderfully amazing people, and given me the opportunities to meet some insane ones too. Because of the power of student radio, I've been able to meet Fred Armisen, Jack Black, and many of my favorite musicians. Not only that, but all of my current friends in KVRX and even some really awesome alumni.

Advice for New DJS

Throw your imposter syndrome in the dumpster, because we all started somewhere! It's hard enough being at a college with a bunch of brain-o's but YOU ARE ONE OF THEM! Ask all of the questions, become an intern, make buddies, SEND COLD EMAILS TO MANAGERS!!! DO IT ALL!

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