Meet Your Music Director: Ryan Cerna

Meet Your Music Director: Ryan Cerna

April 27, 2022 in Features

by DJ Frogwink

What's your position and how long have you been on staff?
Music Director since the start of the spring semester.

What is your typical day like as a staff member?
As a Music Director I track music sent in by promoters and update the newbin.

hm I never really have one favorite album but at the moment I'll say Suicide's self-titled debut. For me it really does sound like something out of time & Alan Vega is my favorite screamer/singer. It's an album that has definitely influenced a lot of the music I listen to and the songs I play on my own show here (The Wild Silence).

What do you do outside of KVRX?
Lots of walking (not recreational; I don't have my car here)

What's your favorite KVRX event?
Probably our recent SXSW showcase: Fire in the Hole at Hole in the Wall. I'm not 21 yet so that was my first time at Hole in the Wall. And yeah the place is real cool. We also had great bands I enjoyed watching like Yard Act, Catcher & Godcaster. There was a point in the show where I went out the back gate to get a pizza and when I came back with the pizza the gate was locked so I sat there in the back and ate that pizza outside there.

Which musician/band would you LOVE to meet?
bjork maybe

And finally... give us your best piece of advice.
:) smile, go outside.

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