Meet Your Post Audio Director Simón Marulanda-Mesa

Meet Your Post Audio Director Simón Marulanda-Mesa

April 16, 2024 in Features

by DJ Sinewaver

Position at KVRX and how long you've been at staff?

Post Audio Director, since June 2022

What is your major and year of graduation?

Radio-Television-Film, 2024

Do you have a show at KVRX? What's the name and what's it about?

Since the Fall 2022 semester, I have hosted and curated a show called "Cue Points." It's a specialty program dedicated to showcasing the captivating worlds of underground electronic music. With tracks from many different artists and sub-genres, you can expect to hear a carefully crafted selection of music each week, ranging from relaxing beats all the way to the sounds of the dance floor.

Why you joined KVRX?

KVRX was tabling outside the Gregory Gym at the start of my freshman year. They were playing music on a Bluetooth speaker, and were offering a free sticker to anyone who could name a song they were playing. I immediately recognized "Immaterial" by SOPHIE, and from that moment, I knew I found my people. After the New Member Meeting, I joined the Local Live crew, since it really aligned with my career prospects and my personal interests. Since then, the station has become a second home to me!

Advice for New DJS?

I cannot stress enough that this organization will be as important to you as you want it to be. You can do the bare minimum, but I promise that going to socials, shows, and any other events will pay off in huge ways. I have met so many amazing friends through KVRX and I urge all new DJs to take advantage of their time here!

Simón's picks:

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