Meet Your Public Relations Director: Lily Winkelmann

Meet Your Public Relations Director: Lily Winkelmann

November 24, 2021 in Features

by DJ Frogwink

Major and year?
Corporate Communications and minoring in Arts Management and Admin, 3rd year

Which song, album, or artist initiated your love of music?

Lana Del Rey, her 2014 album Ultraviolence. I fell in love with it and listened to it all throughout high school. Fun fact- I have a 7 foot Lana poster in my apartment now. Big fan.

How did you first hear about or get involved with KVRX?
When I was just starting out at UT as a freshman, my friend (and fellow staff member) Carson reached out to me and told me how awesome it was. I then went to the new member meeting, walking alone from my freshman year dorm, and being super nervous. The rest is history.

What is your first KVRX memory?
My first KVRX memory that really stuck with me was at the Halloween party in 2019, when I was a freshman. I remember meeting Ariel (the station manager at the time) and I thought they were so cool. Everyone was super chill and friendly, and it was awesome to see such a unique group of people who all shared a love for music. Not to mention a really fun party.

Which shows have you had on KVRX?
I've had two different shows on KVRX, both called "Dark Hour". My first one was freeform lasting my whole freshman year, then I switched to a specialty show, which I still have currently. I primarily focus on post-rock, shoegaze, and grunge rock genres.

Which KVRX staff positions have you held?
Public Relations Intern: Spring 2021

Public Relations Director: Summer 2021- present

How has KVRX affected your interaction with music?

Being in KVRX has urged me to research and enjoy genres of music that I have otherwise not. I find it easy to go down a rabbit hole of a specific type of music or artist, but KVRX has truly broadened my comfort zone of listening.

What's up outside of KVRX?

Besides being a part of KVRX, I'm also the Creative Director for Austin Conservation Project and have been taking care of my two new kittens. :)

What is your favorite part of KVRX?
The people! I'm naturally a shy person, but being on staff this year has allowed me to cultivate relationships with other KVRX members, and I have found some truly awesome people here.

What advice would you give to new DJ's?

Go to all of the KVRX events! Whether it's an upcoming show or a social, go to it, even if you don't know that many people.

Lily's Picks:

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