Meet Your Public Relations Director: Mary Dougherty

Meet Your Public Relations Director: Mary Dougherty

December 15, 2022 in Features

by Brianna Gonzalez - bbrigo

What's your position and how long have you been on staff?

I am the PR Director and I have been on staff since Summer 2022!! I was also a PR intern in Spring 2022!! :)

What is your typical day like as a staff member?

I wake up and slay instantly. A lot of my day consists of responding to emails and texts and posting what we need to post on all social media platforms. I feel like people don't realize that a lot of PR departments actually have posting schedules that'll work best with their organization. We really like sticking to that schedule because we genuinely put a lot of thought in what we're promoting/sharing. You can probably see me and Brianna running around the station trying to make TikToks with other KVRXers and thinking of funny tweets which is a great aspect of the job. Genuinely so appreciative of all the opportunities this job has given PR!! <3

What do you do outside of KVRX?

Outside of KVRX, I am an intern at an artist management company and also work on campus. My free time definitely revolves around music, when I'm not working I'm at concerts either taking pictures or writing concert reviews and sometimes I just go to hang out with friends and enjoy amazing performers. I live with 4 other people (thank you Austin cost of living) and I love to hang out with them all the time. It could literally be sitting on the couch watching Jersey Shore or that one Lady Gaga VMAs performance, I am constantly hanging out with them. (don't let them see this)

What is the name of your show? What is your show about?

My amazing beautiful show, also my baby, is 'bachelors degree in unemployment'. It was inspired by my phenomenal grandpa who is an absolute legend and has quite an opinion on my degree (communications). He likes to call any unconventional degree "artsy fartsy" which is very funny I cannot lie. So on this talk show, I bring on new majors every week, most of them being unconventional in the eyes of society and I interview them on their future, their fears, the opinions they've received, and if they regret this major. I've had so many different personalities on this show and I genuinely enjoy discussing my friend's inspiring futures. Thank u Pop. xoxo

If you could only play one album on your show what album would it be? Why?

Noah Kahan recently released a brand new album and every song has been on repeat every single day. It is such a beautiful song that I just want to dance and cry to it at the same time?? I love it despite not being a teen from New England since he's mainly singing about his experience living there. It is genuinely such a beautiful album and I would LOVE to share it on my show.

Favorite concert?

It would definitely have to be the first time I saw 5 Seconds of Summer Live. I've listened to them since middle school so seeing them live when I was about 14/15 in Houston was an out-of-body experience. They're so entertaining and they played such a big role in my teen years that I will always remember the first time I saw them live.

If you could have your favorite artist sing you Happy Birthday who would it be and why?

LORDE LORDE LORDE. She is my absolute favorite artist and her voice is so majestic. Even if she might shush me I would still love to see her in person and have her sing to me for 2 minutes I don't care!!!

If you could only listen to one song on repeat for the rest of your life, what song would it be? Why?

Buzzcut Season by Lorde. Sorry, I know another Lorde repeat, but that song is a work of art, and I've probably already listened to it on repeat for days on end, so I genuinely believe I could easily do it for the rest of my life. You just can't get sick of it, LISTEN TO IT.

What's your favorite KVRX memory?

It would have to be the Hole in the Wall show back in September. The performers were so amazing to watch and PR loved making content of them (TikTok lol). An entertaining crowd and performer makes our job even more fun than it already is so this was definitely a key memory for me. <3

Lastly...what advice would you give to the new DJs?

GET OUT THERE!! Do not let your anxiety and fear hinder you from amazing opportunities, friends, and memories. Trust me, speaking from personal experience it is very hard to get out of your bubble but it is SO WORTH IT!! Talk to a stranger in a pit, apply for that internship, go to a concert alone, just do it and have fun!! KVRXers are some of the nicest people I've ever met, make friends with them!!

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