Meet Your Web Director: Randal Holt

Meet Your Web Director: Randal Holt

December 15, 2022 in Features

by Brianna Gonzalez - bbrigo

What's your position and how long have you been on staff?

Web Director, this is my second semester on staff if you count the summer

What is your typical day like as a staff member?

Typically I wake up, shower, forget to have breakfast, and head to class. Between classes, throughout the day I usually spend time in the station, whether I'm doing work or just trying to hang out. I check all of KVRX's online systems once a day to make sure everything is up to date, and dedicate at least a little time to work on projects for the website! My afternoon and evening consist of a combination of homework and tasks for the station until I've convinced myself that I need to leave the station and head back home. I usually end my day with a snack and a good book, before I head to sleep and start over the next day.

What do you do outside of KVRX?

You mean there's life outside of KVRX??? I am admittedly a massive music nerd, so even when I'm not DJ'ing at the station, I am usually jamming or writing my own music. I love to read, honestly any genre of book (I've been on a bit of a sci-fi kick recently though). I also enjoy puzzles like the daily crossword and having a relaxing game night. Career-wise I am a senior chemistry major with a coding background, who actually likes to have fun. I am hoping to become either a researcher or software developer, with maybe a little bit of engineering too. I enjoy electronics, especially messing with older stuff like CRTVs and old video game consoles. Really anything I can build or take apart is a lot of fun, but something about working with nostalgic devices always gets me. I have a lot of personal projects I want to put into action, especially building electronics for music. One of my lifetime goals is to build my own guitar, even though it may have to wait a while. In the meantime, I want to build electric pedals and microphones, or really anything that involves building. Even my interests in science come back around to music I guess.

What is the name of your show? What is your show about?

My show is Tokyo Underground, the only show on KVRX dedicated to playing up-and-coming Japanese music on 91.7 FM. I switch genres and moods every week, so you never know what you're going to get!

If you could only play one album on your show what album would it be? Why?

That's a difficult ask, but I'd have to go with Uchū Nippon Setagaya by Fishmans. Fishmans is such an important band for me, as they played a big part of my dive into Japanese music. This album specifically has such a unique, dreamy vibe that's unlike anything else I've heard to this day. While all of their music has left a lasting impact, something about this album will always have a hold on me.

Favorite concert?

The first concert that comes to mind was seeing Car Seat Headrest this year. I'd enjoyed their music before, but during the pandemic, it really got me through some tough feelings. I know it's lame, but being barrier at that show and seeing them play my favorite song of theirs is a damn good memory to have. For context, the song in question is "Destroyed by Hippie Powers," and it was awesome.

If you could have your favorite artist sing you Happy Birthday who would it be and why?

I'm not sure if I'd consider him my favorite anymore, but if Dave Grohl sang me Happy Birthday I could die happy. Like a lot of people, Nirvana was one of those bands that convinced me to pick up a guitar. With that and Foo Fighters, Dave was just such a big part of my teenage years, and I could never turn down the chance to meet him.

If you could only listen to one song on repeat for the rest of your life, what song would it be? Why?

A Lot's Gonna Change by Weyes Blood. Honestly, I would be fine with half the songs on this album, but this one specifically just strikes such a chord with me. The instrumentation with the strings in the back is beautiful, and the way the entire song builds makes it impossible to turn your attention elsewhere. I know it's a bit cliche, but as someone who is going through a lot of life changes, this song always hits the right spot when I need it.

What's your favorite KVRX memory?

That would have to be my first Local Live. Before then, I hadn't really let myself get involved in the organization, or really anywhere for that matter. I was still getting over the pandemic and being back on my own, and I hadn't put myself out there to meet new people. That first Local Live though, it was like I instantly felt like I belonged. I became immediate friends with the crew that night, and I knew I found the right place for me. And the rest is history!

Lastly...what advice would you give to the new DJs?

Show up! As someone who's struggled with social anxiety, I know how daunting it can be to come to events when you don't already know someone. We're a college radio station, and almost all of us are fellow introverts who were nervous the first time too. We want to meet you, and we want you to have the same amazing experiences we have. I have met my best friends being in KVRX, and all it took was me being there. So show up, come hang out!

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