Peyton: + SXSW 2022

February 21, 2023 in Features

by hierba malita

Peyton @ SXSW 2022

The first song I ever heard by Peyton was Verbs featuring Steve Lacy and I was astonished by the tone of her voice. It was so sweet and angelic. Then she dropped an album in 2021, and I was a die-hard fan. SHE’S FROM HOUSTON, SHE LOVES R&B, AND SHE’S GOT A ONE-OF-A-KIND VOICE. How could I not love her?

Like… just listen to this album: PSA. My fav is IRLMB.

When I found out she was gonna be at SXSW, I was so excited. The venue was PACKED. I snuck backstage and watched her perform from there. She was so good!!! Meeting her… I was so nervous I feel like I froze and turned into a robot LMAO. She’s a human barbie! Like…. To hear the voice in real life… I thought I was tripping fr like it should’ve been a dream, but I HAVE THE RECORDING SO I KNOW IT WAS REAL! And it was such an honor to have been face to face with a Houston baddie and icon. <3

backstage pic of Peyton

Ale Moreno


Hi. My name is Peyton, and I am from Houston, Texas.

How was your performance?

It was really awesome. I had so much fun. The crowd was so accepting and, like, and just very fun. So, of course, I had fun too.

Thoughts on traveling to LA/Houston/Austin/+?

Well, it's a blessing. I really enjoy it, and I'm really grateful for my upbringing in Houston. It definitely has made me who I am. This is my fourth time doing SXSW, so maybe I've been to Austin five times. Umm, I've never been to Seattle. I wanna go there. Yeah.

Any artists that inspire you?

Yeah. I've always really liked a lot of different artists just growing up in Houston. You're exposed to a lot. So, I've always loved, like, a lot of jazz artists, I have a lot of gospel roots, so like, gospel artists. I've always been inspired by, like, everything I was exposed to. That's how much I've enjoyed immersing myself in music, you know? But, I guess to name a few that I've always really loved…I've always loved, Erykah, Kanye… I love Tribe. Um, um, let's see. It depends on what era of my upbringing, but yeah, any R&B.

When did you realize music was for you?

When I was a baby, like, I guess I just knew it was kind of like, how you’d just start talking?
You know? Yeah, I've always known.

Dream Collabs:

Next, I'm wanting to work with Brent Faiyaz, Ari Lennox, I would love to write for Summer Walker. Who else? I know there's a lot of artists… Rosalia. Like, I would love to work with her. There are so many artists I really adore that I’d love to work with.

How was working with Steve Lacy?

The song that we have was actually my second single that I ever released. We were very young like he was 16, and I was 17. We were working online because, you know, he was in L.A. and I was in Houston, but it was pretty easy to work with him.

Shout Outs?

Shout out to Austin, Texas,
Houston, Texas.
Stones Throw.
And, of course, KVRX

Thank you!

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