Planet Giza at SXSW

Planet Giza at SXSW: + Hierba Malita interviews Tony Stone from Planet Giza

April 24, 2022 in Features

by hierba malita

Interviewing Tony Stone from Planet Giza

This was the first interview I had ever done at SXSW, and also technically - my first time ever at SXSW. I was incredibly nervous, but also very excited to watch perform live a Canadian musical trio that I've played on the radio numerous times. Many of you may know them already, Planet Giza.

Eeee! So I saw them a total of two times.

  1. The first time, on March 14th. Where I went in, took a shot, and headed straight to the front to dance a little bit. Afterward, I interviewed Tony, the lead singer/rapper from Planet Giza, right outside of the Swan Dive. I love how I was interviewing him, but the streets were too lively he ended up interviewing somebody on the street as well, then invited us both for shots! I was like, hell yeah Ima take these mf shots with Planet Giza what? Say less. I was trynna play it cool but on the inside, I was a nervous wreck, LOL.
  2. The second time, March 18th at Creek and The Cave Backyard. Had a good time yet again, this time though, I was alongside my new SXSW friends O2WORLDWIDE. One of them knew the words to the song Planet Giza was playing. Tony stopped mid-rap to acknowledge it "Hey! you know the words," pointing, seemingly a bit shaken, but also very like very happy. I took a video of this moment but could only include a snap picture of it. Love!!!

tony performing.PNG

Hierba Malita

Okie, 'nough talking here's a super shortened version of my interview with Planet Giza.
Tony Stone from Planet Giza to be exact! <3 Rami and Doom were cool - but maybe I get to interview them next time :)


  • Tony Stone from Planet Giza (⅓):
    Yo, yo, yo. This is Tony Stone from Planet Giza. I'm doing great. We just performed, and the energy was amazing. And uh, Ale was there. She was dancing, she was smiling too. So I think I did great.
  • Hierba Malita (Ale):
    Yesss, you did great <3
    Have you been to Austin before?
    What is your impression? Something like three words.
  • Tony:
    Never. This is my first time.
    Three words? Uh, welcoming, hype, lit. No, forreal people, the people out here are super nice.
  • Hierba Malita:
    Welcome! Where are you from?
  • Tony:
    Thank you<3
    Montreal, Canada, where it gets real cold. So I like it here because it's not cold. It's very nice.
  • Hierba Malita:
    What's your favorite song you’ve performed so far?
  • Tony:
    Every time I perform When The Moving Stops, the building erupts and it shuts down and I love it. I love it so much.

  • Hierba Malita:
    So, when/how did the trio, Planet Giza, start?
  • Tony:
    It started in 2013, I want to say. Rami, he's the one that showed me how to make beats. I was friends with Doom and then we all got together one day and we made this fire-ass beat. And then from then, we were like, You know what? Let's just keep this going. And then eventually I started rapping and I was like, Yeah, I'm kind of good, so let's do this heheheh.
  • Hierba Malita:
    Do you believe in Astrology?
  • Tony:
    Ah, I mean, I don't really know much about astrology, aside from that I'm a Libra.
    What can you say about Libras?
  • Hierba Malita:
    I like Libras! They're very friendly, you know?
    I feel like everybody can make friends with them very easily.
  • Tony:
    Ah, that makes a lot of sense. What sign are you? Libras and Scorpios, are they compatible?
  • Hierba Malita:
    Uh, well, my brother is a Libra, so (we both laugh)
    Do you have any siblings?
  • Tony:
    I do. I have one older brother, two little sisters, my parents do not care about me. They care about everybody else but me.
    (HM: Middle Child Syndrome) I swear!
  • Hierba Malita:
    Before the trio, Planet Giza, were you making music before that?
  • Tony:
    Not really, I was - you know, I used to just freestyle at school for fun, but I never took you seriously. I used to play basketball, and I wanted to be in the NBA, and then those dreams died because I was too skinny, as you can see.
  • Hierba Malita:
    What team would you have been on?
  • Tony:
    I would have been on - listen.
    They would have made a Montreal basketball team, especially for us, but I would settle for the Toronto Raptors.

    Rami: [Speaks in French]

    Oh, my God, these guys are a bad influence. They want me to drink some more
    All right, then. Let's all go drink.

    [Tony holds the mic closer to his face]
    So we're casually just walking back into the club we just performed in. And the noise, as you can hear, is playing. These people want me to drink, but we just met our friend, and he's going to take the shot for us.
  • Hierba Malita
    Thank You!



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