Senior Sign-Off: DJ Kenny B

May 20, 2020 in Features

by RD Johnson

Senior Sign-Off: DJ Kenny B by RD Johnson




How did you first hear about or get involved with KVRX?

After getting involved with TSTV and Local Live.

Which shows have you had on KVRX?

Chilling in the Void, First Contact, The Waiting Room, Please Stay on the Line

What is your favorite KVRX memory?

The first time I ever had a show all to myself and was given total control over the booth was magical. For a beautiful and terrifying hour, I was hosting a show that anyone in Austin could tune into.


I never really used to listen to much music. KVRX changed that forever - I listen to more music than ever before, and love just relaxing listening to a new album.


What would your final playlist have been?

Literally just the song "You Enjoy Myself" by Phish. Can't go wrong with the ultimate "DJ has time to go to the bathroom" song, plus I've always wanted my last outing in the booth to be blasting Phish to all of Austin.

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