Senior Spotlight: DJ dreamboat

Senior Spotlight: DJ dreamboat

April 29, 2022 in Features

by DJ dreamboat

How long have you been a member of KVRX?
One semester, but in my heart, a lifetime.

What's your favorite KVRX memory?
Probably slowly integrating into KVRX. I've been apart of TSTV all my college career but never thought to join KVRX until my senior year. I wanted to learn more about KVRX and got a chance to meet all the cool people here! I'd visit the library every day and get told I needed to be a DJ already - and finally joined this past semester. Also,,, literally every KVRX show is a blast, and I've loved learning more about the Austin music scene.

Best advice for a new DJ?
I'd say get to know the people in the org, and never feel afraid to ask for advice/help. Also, bring your friends to help host your show! Non-KVRX friends will think you're extra cool if you have a radio show.

What degree(s) are you graduating with?
a degree in radio-television-film, with a minor in philosophy

Have any plans for after graduation?
Nothing too exact, but after my summer in LA, I planned to stay and work in Austin and then hopefully spend some time traveling. I'd love to work on film sets either in the directing or producing departments. Hopefully make some paintings and music in my free time. :)

What's your current show?
My show is in search of lost time, Fridays at 3am. It's a mixture of my love of literature, philosophy, and daydreaming. The title is a play on Proust's novel In Search of Lost Time, but also making up for the all the time I wasn't a DJ. Each episode I reflect on my life, and bring in philosophical topics. My favorite genres to play include psychedelic, electronic, and experimental.

Tell us about your final playlist!
It's going to be beautiful. A real journey through the music that has created the soundtrack of my life. I'm hoping to include some of my favorite artist I've seen live, and give some special shoutouts to my favorite local artist. Also, a bit of The Beatles.

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