Senior Spotlight: DJ Gothunk

Senior Spotlight: DJ Gothunk

April 21, 2022 in Features

by DJ Gothunk

How long have you been a member of KVRX?

6 semesters.

What's your favorite KVRX memory?

Probably my show on the Saturday before Spring Break 2020. I did a two hour set with my friends from out of town and we had a blast. We got a call from someone who said we had played the worst song ever. We were very unsure of the future, but I think we confidently said we’d be back after the two week break. Overall it was an extremely high note before the world shut down.

Best advice for a new DJ?

Go to the socials and meet other DJs.

What degree are you graduating with?

BA in Government.

Have any plans for after graduation?

Ball out!

What's your current show?

Digging Deeper - a talk show that highlights and explains Minecraft parody songs on Wednesday at 11pm.

Tell us about your final playlist!

I’ve chosen music from different parts of my time at UT. There’s probably some bangers in there. Some memes too… I hope you enjoy 😎

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