Senior Spotlight: DJ Leah!

Senior Spotlight: DJ Leah!

April 26, 2022 in Features

by DJ Leah!

How long have you been a member of KVRX?
2 years (joined aug 2020).

What's your favorite KVRX memory?
So many! We were totally remote for my first year in KVRX, so I have a lot of sweet memories with my very kind non-KVRX friends and family who would support me while I did my show; I remember my entire family setting their alarms to 2AM during Thanksgiving break at home so we could go sit in the living room and listen to my latest episode of Lovebug Radio together <3 Another time, my best friends and I had Digital Cherub playing over my phone speaker on our Cheesecake Factory table so I could click through my playlist live. Since I've been able to experience KVRX IRL in the past year, I've met so many amazing new friends that I intend to keep for a looooong time <3 I have especially fond memories of my shows mentoring new DJ's in the booth -- Cariño loves company!

Best advice for a new DJ?
One cliche and one not: 1. Don't fear KVRX members!!! I was very nervous to get involved for so long -- so nervy, in fact, I even joined and quit Local Live my freshman year. But no one bites ;) Go to KVRX socials, hang out at the station, and don't forget your mentor! (I love my mentee besties!) 2. LISTEN TO THE INTERNATIONAL SECTION OF THE NEW BIN! Underrated heat, easier for blacklist, and international music just rules so hard in general, dm for my recs!

What degree(s) are you graduating with?
English BA with Communication Studies Minor and ~Liberal Arts Honors~.

Have any plans for after graduation?
I recently started working part-time with SiriusXM Radio as a Music Programming Coordinator -- how appropriate! Thank You to HOPE!!!! for interview help and thx to every1 in KVRX for helping me discover this passion. <3

What's your current show?
Con Cariño, Sundays at 8pm: Proclaiming your love can be intimidating; sometimes you need to whisper it into a tender little love letter. Con Cariño is an homage to girlhood, growing up Chicana, the words and art that have moved me, and the omnipresent emotions we face while coming of age -- all organized into neat, aural letters.

Tell us about your final playlist!
La carta final de Con Cariño is a love letter to discovery, identity, and the music that has helped me define and subvert my world. I'm going full Spanglish with the playlist for this last episode, dedicada a mi identidad Mestiza <3 Expect poetry readings, lovely guests in the booth + on the phone, and maybe even a live musical rendition -- all set to the tune of my favorite songs from past shows AND my fav blacklisted songs (I WILL PLAY BEYONCÉ ON KVRX AUSTIN 91.7)! Muchos besitos y adiós por ahora... Con Cariño, DJ Leah!

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