Senior Spotlight: DJ Lil Yeet

Senior Spotlight: DJ Lil Yeet

April 20, 2022 in Features

by Lil Yeet

How long have you been a member of KVRX?

Since Fall 2018.

What's your favorite KVRX memory?

The last KVRX party I went to before the pandemic hit. It was March and I just remember it being one of my favorite parties from college, and then the world basically ended so I guess it was a good way to go out.

Best advice for a new DJ?

Show up to stuff, even if it's intimidating, ESPECIALLY if it's intimidating. You really get out what you put into this org so just show up, introduce yourself, people will more often than not be down to vibe.

What degree(s) are you graduating with?

B.A. in Economics with a Minor in Media and Entertainment Industries.

Have any plans for after graduation?

I'm gonna be hanging around Austin for a few more years, hopefully I can play more with my band while I'm working.

What's your current show?

I didn't do it this semester because I didn't turn in the form in time lol. But I hosted Audio Oddities, it was Sunday nights after Local Live and I would play weird novelty music. When I got to KVRX I didn't know a lot of artists that met the blacklist requirements at the time and the only ones I did know where gimmicky joke groups like a band made of robots or a punk band with a 5 year old singer. So basically I researched more music of this variety and kind of just ran with it, I found a lot of really cool stuff and expanded my taste through it.

Tell us about your final playlist!

My musical taste in incoherent but I hope you vibe to it.

@peter_kishler on Instagram and Twitter

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