Senior Spotlight: DJ Zenner

Senior Spotlight: DJ Zenner

May 10, 2022 in Features


How long have you been a member of KVRX?
3 Years (since Fall 2019)

What's your favorite KVRX memory?
Booking and hosting our unofficial SXSW showcase, Fire in the Hole, on March 15, 2022. That was, by far and wide, the coolest thing I got to do in college. It was a huge undertaking and I'm super proud of how it went. I still can't get over the fact that we hosted Yard Act and Katy J Pearson for their first performances in the US. Actually, I have a second memory that ties with Fire in the Hole as my favorite: interviewing Margo Guryan, one of my favorite singer-songwriters of all time. Margo was an incredibly special person and musician and I'm so lucky to have been able to get to know her before her passing.

Best advice for a new DJ?
Get involved early and discover your passions. One of my biggest regrets is not getting involved with booking until my senior year. If a department or role within KVRX sounds interesting to you, intern for it! Also, don't be afraid to push boundaries and get out of your comfort zone! College is meant for this. Deep dive into to a new genre, become friends with different people, join clubs / orgs that sounds interesting to you, and don't be afraid of failure.

What degree(s) are you graduating with?

Have any plans for after graduation?
Yeah! I'll be moving to LA in the Fall (20+ Californians will be taking my spot in Texas, haha). I have an entry-level business consulting job lined up, but aim to pursue music work on the side.

What's your current show?
The Zenner Zone - Tuesdays from 11pm-midnight The Zenner Zone's theme is The Zenner Zone. Over the past three years of hosting my show, I've made it a point to not confine myself to any rules or regulations in terms of what I play on my show (hence why my show is freeform and not specialty). In the Zone, you'll hear a cosmic country track followed by a ridiculously over-the-top prog rock song. You'll hear a gorgeous string-laden ballad followed by a raw, crude punk song. My music taste is all over the place and The Zenner Zone perfectly embodies that. You never know what you're gonna get in the Zone and that's what makes it special. Another aspect of what makes The Zenner Zone unique is its special guest interviews. Over the past three years, I've interviewed a handful of artists, ranging from Margo Guryan to Godcaster to Tyler Parkford of Mini Mansions / Arctic Monkeys and more.

Tell us about your final playlist!

My plan is to do a 15 hour show as my senior send-off. I'll be showcasing some of my all time favorite music, lots of which I haven't been able to play on The Zenner Zone. I'll also be highlighting past Zenner Zone guests as bringing in friends and special guests each hour.

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