Show Spotlight: Finger Lickin' Good with DJ Drumstick

Show Spotlight: Finger Lickin' Good with DJ Drumstick

April 19, 2021 in Features

by DJ Drumstick

I go by DJ Drumstick on Finger Lickin' Good, which is a freeform show on Thursday nights at 9 p.m.

How did you hear about KVRX and what made you want to do your show?
I joined and subsequently quit about ten different clubs my freshman year, so the summer before sophomore year I scrolled through every single page on HornsLink (there are like 800) looking for anything that sounded remotely like it might be a fit. I was surprised to find KVRX since I'd spent a majority of my freshman year in the same building with The Daily Texan and TSTV but had never ventured into the station. At first, I didn't even really care about the music aspect or having my own show, I just really wanted to meet people that I liked. But “Nobody” by Mitski (who I had never heard) was BLASTING at my first meeting and I was hooked on finding more of the artists and bands I'd been missing out on.

What kind of music do you play on your show and what is its overall theme?

Finger Lickin' Good is something I came back to for my final semester of college radio. This show is where I started and through it, I've found some of my favorite artists like Black Pumas, Duncan Fellows, and Diamante Eléctrico, but I've also discovered (and occasionally played) music that I never want to hear again.

After my first semester of doing a freeform show, I was eager to dive into something more specific and researched, so I did a show about soul music and then one about movie soundtracks. But I came back to Finger Lickin' Good because I wanted to expand my music taste like I did in my first semester at KVRX. So it's just a smorgasbord of stuff that I love and that I think other people might love.

What is your favorite part of being a DJ?

I've gained a lot of confidence over the past couple of years that I've been a DJ. I'm not huge on public speaking and when I first started deejaying I'd write out word-for-word what I wanted to say to my audience (likely of one since I'm pretty sure my grandma was the only one listening to my 5 a.m. show). Learning to be comfortable in the booth has helped me to become more comfortable with myself and sure of my words.

Who are your favorite artists and what are your favorite albums?

Very Non-Definitive Top 10: Andrew Bird, Wilco, Matt Duncan, Bahamas, Sara Bareilles, Duncan Fellows, Nanci Griffith, Video Age, The Strokes, Diamante Eléctrico

Favorite Albums:

Chutes Too Narrow - The Shins

Black Pumas - Black Pumas

Cool Dry Place - Katy Kirby

French Exit - TV Girl

Graceland - Paul Simon

The Story of Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose

Automatic For The People - R.E.M.

The Phosphorescent Blues - Punch Brothers

Listen to Finger Lickin' Good every Thursday from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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