April 19, 2021 in Features


I’m DJ MUNDO, and my show is MUNDO UNDERGROUND, which is a specialty show.

How did you hear about KVRX and what made you want to do your show?

At first, I didn't know about KVRX, but I figured that UT had a radio station since most colleges do. It was not until my sophomore year in the spring semester that I found KVRX's website and started checking it out. I really liked it and thought it was really cool how students had their own shows on KVRX. Since I wasn't really part of any org here at UT, I felt like KVRX would be a really cool thing to be a part of because of how much I love music. I ended up going to one of their info sessions and decided to sign up to become a DJ!

What kind of music do you play on your show and what is its overall theme?

The music that I play on MUNDO UNDERGROUND is just rap. Rap is what I grew up listening to, besides cumbias, and it is the reason why I fell in love with music in general. The theme of my show is always different, it mostly depends on the playlist that I make for each show. I try to make each playlist have a different sound than the ones before. Every time I make a playlist, I'm always trying to have music that fits the tone of the other tracks in it. Another cool thing that I have been doing in my shows is playing rap from Mexico, where the underground scene is really cool. Not too long ago this semester I had a whole show in Spanish, which was really cool since that is my first language.

What is your favorite part of being a DJ?

My favorite part of being a DJ here at KVRX is the fact that I can play music that I really like a lot and other people can listen to it. I feel like sharing music that you like with others is really cool, which is why I always look forward to having my show on air. I still can't believe how all of Austin can tune into my show on their radios and listen to me play music. Another thing that I like about being a DJ is getting to know other DJs. There are two people in KVRX who helped me out whenever I had barely joined: Nieves (DJ Snow) and Hope (DJ Rainy). They were the first DJs that I met when I was in training and they were really cool with me, so shout out to them!

Who are your favorite artists and what are your favorite albums?

This has always been a hard question to answer because I have a lot of favorite artists and albums. One of the albums that is for sure in my top 5 is Get Ya Mind Correct (Chopped & Screwed) by Paul Wall and Chamillionaire. That was one of the first rap albums that I really liked a lot; I would always play it on my CD player when I was a kid. My other favorite albums are Ridin Dirty by UGK, Illmatic by Nas, Covert Coup by Curren$y, and The Unseen by Quasimoto. Some of my favorite artists are UGK, Scarface, Cypress Hill, Madlib, Big Pun, Nas, MF DOOM, N.E.R.D, Roc Marciano, and Cartel De Santa.

Listen to MUNDO UNDERGROUND every Friday from 11:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

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