Show Spotlight: Olive Oil with DJ L.U.N.A

Show Spotlight: Olive Oil with DJ L.U.N.A

April 19, 2021 in Features

by DJ L.U.N.A

My name is DJ L.U.N.A and I have a freeform show called Olive Oil.

How did you hear about KVRX and what made you want to do your show?

My roommate, DJ Tiny White, has been a DJ at KVRX for a few years and was telling me about it. I loved listening to her shows last semester and thought it would be so fun to join KVRX. I really like how KVRX promotes local and small artists and wanted to get involved because I love finding new music. Music really connects people and it's great to be involved with others who have similar interests and to have access to resources where you can find out about different music.

What kind of music do you play on your show and what is its overall theme?

My show is a freeform show. Its name is Olive Oil with the concept that the show is fluid with different genres. (I also love olive oil in general and use it when cooking most nights). On my show. I play a mixture of hip hop, r&b/soul, funk, jazz, dance, and indie. I am from England, so I try to incorporate some U.K. grime and dance music (in particular liquid drum and bass, jungle or garage). The show is a chilled vibe. I like music with a good bassline or good instrumentation that feels dreamy. I also love fashion, so I like listening to artists and then finding out about them and seeing their own personal style and aesthetic.

What is your favorite part of being a DJ?

This has been my first semester with KVRX, and I have really enjoyed finding new music. Doing freeform has been great and it’s allowed me to explore new genres. My favorite part is creating my playlist and changing the order of the songs to make it fit. I have also enjoyed finding out about local Texas artists.

Who are your favorite artists and what are your favorite albums?

I love Roy Ayres, Stevie Wonder, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and Amy Winehouse. My favorite albums at the moment are What Kinda Music by Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes, Not Waving, But Drowning by Loyle Carner, and French Kiwi Juice by FKG.

Listen to Olive Oil every Tuesday from 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

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