Show Spotlight: On The Way To 7/11 with DJ Rusty and DJ AI

Show Spotlight: On The Way To 7/11 with DJ Rusty and DJ AI

April 26, 2021 in Features

by DJ rusty

We’re DJ Rusty and DJ Al. We host a specialty show called On The Way To 7/11.

How did you hear about KVRX and what made you want to do your show?

DJ Rusty: I heard about KVRX through DJ Al.

DJ Al: I heard about KVRX from another DJ in my organization! She said I should try it out and I wanted to do something more creative than what I typically do (usually a lot of advocacy and policy stuff). It’s really fun, I love creating content in whatever way, shape or form!

What kind of music do you play on your show and what is its overall theme?

Just two chaotic neutral girls who spend way too much time on Tik Tok and Twitter discussing our love lives, classes, politics, and anything else you would at a classic convenience store. DJ Al and DJ Rusty’s friendship developed out of mutual love and admiration for hot chips and music. We would rather be studying with our other close friends and going on a trip to our local West Campus Shell than being in online school (shout out to our favorite cashier, Zanzip). It’s how we came up with OTW 2 7/11, named after the most well-known convenience store in the world. The idea was to cultivate a list of songs that you would bump on the way to the convenience store or sit in the parking lot and have fake deep conversations with a touch of unhinged commentary. We play everything from R&B, House, Rap, International music (Reggaeton, Kpop), and a whole slew of things. We like to have a variety of artists and music, stocking up on some of the best underrated music.

What is your favorite part of being a DJ?

DJ Rusty: My favorite part is finding new music that will be featured on the show, as well as getting feedback from our friends and listeners letting us know that they added a song we played to their own personal playlist. It makes me feel all types of warm inside hehe.

DJ Al: My favorite part is that we get to play anything we want. There’s a lot of artists that we personally love that don’t have a huge platform or following and the feeling that I contribute to their success is fun. There’s also the added feature of feeling like I’m some important person on the radio lmfao.

Who are your favorite artists and what are your favorite albums?

DJ Al: I have too many, but I’ll say that my current ones are Bad Bunny (who I just got floor tickets for!) and YENDRY’s newest stuff. I always try to incorporate some Latin music into our show and Reggaeton and Spanish R&B are my favorite genres. We actually play YENDRY’s stuff on our show a lot! She’s great.

DJ Rusty: I also have way too many but for more than a year now my go to has been Orion Sun and Dijon. If I could pick any type of music to listen to for the rest of my life it would probably be sad-ish R&B love songs. Each of their voices carry so much emotion in their songs I don't think I will ever get tired of them. Violence by Dijon and Coffee for Dinner by Orion Song are on my top 5 list.

Listen to On The Way To 7/11 every Saturday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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