Show Spotlight: The Greener Side

Show Spotlight: The Greener Side

July 12, 2018 in Features

by Bethylicious

KVRX's talk show on how we think about environmental sustainability and behave accordingly!

By DJ Bethylicious


The Greener Side is my attempt as an environmental engineering student to combine my love of KVRX and being involved with music with my desire to communicate sustainability.


After taking Sustaining a Planet my first semester at UT, I vividly saw the necessity of developing skills to aptly communicate the science of sustainability to all sorts of disciplines. The Greener Side allows me to practice communicating about the environment as well as provide helpful information to those who are tuned in. In a sense, it's a learning experience for all of us.


The goal of The Greener Side is to introduce the scientific basis and significance of current environmental issues in order to break down the wall of apathy that tends to form around such issues. Ultimately, each show examines a unique topic while exploring the three aspects of sustainability that dictate how to move forward: the economy, the environment, and social equity.


Hopefully by tuning in, Longhorns and other KVRX listeners of all backgrounds can come together and recognize the necessity of sustainability as we move towards a world plagued by climate change and rapidly growing populations.


The Greener Side is on KVRX Fridays 11-11:30am. Tune in through 91.7 (HD Radio), our online stream, or the TuneIn app!

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