Next Week on Local Live: Being Dead

Next Week on Local Live: Being Dead

February 11, 2019 in Local Live

by DJ Tuna

From gentle arpeggios to jangly garage to outright screaming, Being Dead lifts spirits with its artful-yet-accessible lo-fi garage sound while keeping us grounded with track titles like "Perks of Death" and lyrics that pair nicely with pondering humanity's consuming fear of the unknown. Multi-instrumentalist self-proclaimed "couple o' freaks" Juli Keller and Cody Dosier never fail to deliver a captivating performance by swapping musical roles and layering on the personality at every turn.

Here is their most recent release, "Apostle's Prom", which is star-studded with and directed by KVRX alumni.

Stream their discography here (I know, I'm dying for more too):

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