NFL Week 3 Picks

NFL Week 3 Picks: + NFL Fan giving up on his team picks against them.

September 21, 2023 in Sports

by DJ rat

I'm picking for week three and this time I think I got the whole week right NGL

I fear I’m not meeting my own personal standards as the KVRX NFL analyst. I’ve been too high on teams that just don’t deserve my love. Friendship over between the Bengals and I, Ravens are my new best friend.

5 Must See Matchups.

New Orleans @ Green Bay

The Saints travel to Green Bay to face off against the Packers in a game that should be a test to both teams. The Saints face off against a very talented Packers team with dynamic playmakers on both sides of the ball, for the first time this season. For starting quarterback Jordan Love, the Packers are facing an elite defense for the first time this season. Expect the Packers steady offense to slow down and the Saints to capitalize off a young Quarterback.

Atlanta @ Detroit

Atlanta is 2-0 with a completely unsustainable passing offense. Detroit’s defense is not perfect but how long can an offense as one dimensional as the Falcons sustain this level of success? I think not long.

Los Angeles @ Cincinnati

The battle of the unde-rperforming QB vs the over-performing QB, and they’re both 0-2. Joe Burrow is suffering from a leg injury sustained earlier in training camp, as a result he has looked awful to start the season and the Bengals have looked outclassed in every game. It’s shocking to see a Burrow led offense get off to this slow of a start. On the other side, Matt Stafford looks rejuvenated after a season that saw him heavily struggle with an arm injury. At his age, I figured he was done. This team would be ruined without him and struggle with little offensive and actually no talent outside of HOF DT Aaron Donald. Both these teams have significant problems and this could go either way. Kind of a coin flip, I’ll bet on the better coach and better QB play.

New York @ San Francisco

This is a weird game to highlight. I think betting wise most have the 49ers and that’s completely fair. This 49ers team is a well oiled machine and the Giants are in the second year of their new coaches regime and they’re still this scrappy underdog bunch of players. But they’ve faced a lot of adversity to begin the season and finally last weekend they were able to salvage a bit of dignity and pull off a win against the Cardinals. I’m very curious and optimistic on how this team responds to all of this.

Los Angeles @ Minnesota

They’re having a mid off. Actually it’s worse. These are the worst defenses in the league through the first two games. Vikings get slashed on the ground and the Chargers can not defend any passes at all. It’s always a catch. Expect Justin Jefferson and Kirk Cousins to have an incredible game and Herbert to put up big-futile numbers in a loss.


Bears @ Chiefs

Man, this Bears team does not have it. For starters the defense is awful, they’re ranked 31st in opponent’s points per game they can’t stop anything. This Chiefs offense has gotten to a slow start so this game is gonna be a “get-right” game for Mahomes and Reid. They’re defense against two very good offenses in the Lions and Jaguars has been stellar. They’re ranked third right now. The Bears offense is awful too, Fields is not being utilized as a runner and his hesitancy as a runner and passer is hurting this offense. This came should NOT be a Bears win.

Rat trap game of the week.

Buffalo @ Washington

I’m not too sure why I think this. The Washington team is actually 2-0 and I still think everyone’s picking the Bills, on the road even. Everything starts with Josh Allen. His first game against the Jets was not a good showing for the, but three TD’s against the Raiders shows he’s still the all-pro we all knew. The Bills team has a lot of question marks going around them and the pressure is on against a well rounded Commanders team. Should Bills fans be worried?

All my picks

New York @ San Francisco

Tennessee @ Cleveland

Atlanta @ Detroit

New Orleans @ Green Bay

Denver @ Miami

Los Angeles @ Minnesota

New England @ New York

Buffalo @ Washington

Houston @ Jacksonville

Indianapolis @ Baltimore

Carolina @ Seattle

Chicago @ Kansas City

Dallas @ Arizona

Pittsburgh @ Las Vegas

Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay

Los Angeles @ Cincinnati

Record so far


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