From regular guest appearances on NJITBA WJTB classics such as "Full Booth", "Fuller Booth", and two seasons of "Garbage Theatre", DJ 👉Beep👉 has a storied and cacophonous history in college radio. In 2017, he finally began co-hosting his own show with DJ 👈Beep 👈, "No Soap Radio" to critical acclaim and nearly a dozen fans. They told us a deep dive and review of Applebee's commercials or a live cast of 2007scape couldn't make compelling radio, and, yeah maybe in hindsight, they could have been right. Now DJ 👉Beep👉 is back and ready to take KVRX & Texas by a light drizzle. This semester he's queuing up a more serious music show "Asleep at the Twee-l" to start off your Saturday mornings right but...we'll see how long that lasts

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Asleep at the Tweel

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