DJ Moonbby

DJ Moonbby


Hi, I'm Cristina (AKA MOONBBY6)

I am an independent DIY show organizer and booker for KVRX radio station based in Austin, Texas. My unwavering passion lies in curating, organizing, and promoting live music events. Having witnessed firsthand the immense dedication and hard work that goes into the behind-the-scenes aspects of the music industry, I'm excited to embark on a creative endeavor.

In the heart of 'the music capital of the world,' Austin, the spotlight often shines brightly on the talented musicians who grace our stages. However, there exists a group of unsung heroes, the architects behind the music scene, who work tirelessly to ensure its vibrancy. These dedicated individuals include promoters, venue owners, sound engineers, lighting technicians, stage managers, graphic designers, music journalists, and countless others.

My vision is to launch a captivating radio talk show that transcends the usual narratives. This show seeks to amplify the voices and stories of these behind-the-scenes luminaries, showcasing their pivotal roles in shaping music cultures across the United States. By peeling back the curtain, we aim to unveil the passion, struggles, and triumphs that propel music scenes forward.

Through engaging interviews, insightful discussions, and captivating storytelling, our radio show will create a platform for these contributors to share their experiences, insights, and the magic they bring to the music community. In doing so, we hope to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the collaborative spirit that makes music scenes unique.

Feel free to call in during a show!


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