Lefty Parker - Love on the Guadalupe

April 8, 2019 in Album Reviews

by Avery Jay

Lefty Parker - Love on the Guadalupe by Lefty Parker

I honestly listened to this EP more than five times when all I had to do was listen to it. I enjoyed listen and will do so often in the future.

Lefty Parker is a local musician, and you have probably seen him playing around town with his Right Hand Band, perhaps even on Guad at Hole in the Wall or Spider House.

The songs, although very god, are pretty slow, so if that’s not what you’re looking for then move on! I also really enjoyed the realness of this record, mainly because I like background sounds and not the perfect sounds that come from a south booth and editing.

Either way, Lefty’s voice is real and comforting, and in some senses haunting. So, if you want to be a sad boi and remember that special person you’re never going to be with again, then this one’s for you!


Recommended: If You See Her Waiting Tables, Idle Man, Halfway House


March 2019 // self-release

Recommended: None

// Lefty Parker

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