Rico Nasty - Nasty

November 10, 2018 in Album Reviews

by DJ Tool Time

Rico Nasty - Nasty by Rico Nasty

LABEL: Sugar Trap 2018                                                           GENRE: Rap


Rico Nasty is one of the best rappers out right now. Her verses are hard, her flows are cocky and she has a great sensibility for writing hooks. Her album from this summer, Nasty, is a display of her operating at the peak of her powers.

“Diamonds in my dental / crazy in my mental / stab you with a pencil / if you don’t get the memo” from the track “Trust Issues” offers a nice sample of the sort of raps you are going to get from Rico Nasty.

Also, she has good chemistry with Kenny Beats who handles a lot of the production on Nasty. Her aggressive yet charismatic delivery and clever bars are a perfect match for Mr. Beats’ bombastic-stadium-ready slaps, and if you listen to this album enough, you may develop a Pavlovian-conditioned release of endorphins to Rico’s “Kenny!’ tag.

Recommended: "Trust Issues," "Pressing Me," "Rage"  


Recommended: None

// Sugar Trap

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