Split Moon - Slow Satellite

April 6, 2020 in Album Reviews

by ☆彡

Split Moon - Slow Satellite by Split Moon

Spilt Moon’s debut album Slow Satellite is an eight-track journey down a well-worn path. It’s quintessential shoegaze, with sounds much like those of My Bloody Valentine, Slow Dive, and Pink Floyd. With thanks to long tracks and an emotionally charged composition, listeners are invited to travel back in time and space.

The entire work feels cohesive, with both their discography and each other, perhaps due to the reoccurring space influences, made evident by both their band name and the LP’s title.

Each track is made from the same DNA of nostalgic electric guitar, heavy drums, and compelling bass guitar lines. Singer Mark Starr’s vocals often intertwine with these sounds, creating the feeling his voice is a background component in an instrumentally dominated landscape.

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February 2020 // Stow House Records

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