Suno Deko - Suno Deko

April 10, 2018 in Album Reviews

by DJ Ari

Suno Deko - Suno Deko by Suno Deko

Opening with the ebb and flow of stringed instruments, Suno Deko’s self-titled release covers many bases concerning lyrical content. They reflect topics such as love, one’s relation to the world, and vulnerability through reverberated vocals, melancholia-tinged strings, synths, and percussion. Track 4, “Touch Me”, is a standout, sounding like a dream pop tune that should play over a video montage of someone living their best life.


I gave this a heavy rotation because there’s nothing I would change about this record. I can’t tell if the vocals or instrumentation are the most crucial aspect because they both alternate in significance between the background and the foreground. This album exemplifies the over-the-top production and array of instruments that can characterize baroque pop, and I find this to be a great opportunity to be enveloped in the array of sounds that Suno Deko creates.


-Ariel Pitre-Young, Music Director

Recommended: None

// Elestial Sound

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