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Every Friday from 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Are you a lonely Longhorn who's having a hard time finding that special someone? Are you a dater hater, experiencing relationship woes, or needed a guiding hand following a tough breakup?

We, the Love Doctors, may have the cure.

Ms. Frizzle, MD, Professor Mauve Banana, and DJ Lasagna "Lazzy" Jindal have a combined 60 years of experience with love, romance, and heartache. Their work studying relationships and promoting "Love Harmony" has resulted in countless marriages, summer flings, and even a successful candidacy for the Saskatchewan Parliament. 

Tune into 1-800-DOCTOR-LOVE to hear the wise word's of UT's Love Doctors, and be sure to dial 1-800-DOC-LOVE or swipe right on our collective Tinder account to submit your own questions, advice, and stories.

Love is in the air. With the power of the Love Doctors, you too can find it.


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