Every Tuesday from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

In FOUND FOOTAGE, I'll follow the DIY railroad of "Book Your Own F*ckin Life", a DIY Punk zine put out by Maximum Rocknroll in 1992. BYOFL, put together completely by volunteers, was a roadmap of how to be punk rock, listing out DIY resources in all 50 states - including bands, bookers, businesses, and more. Every Tuesday at 9:00PM, I'll spin some of the 90’s punk bands that put their name in BYOFL. I''ll be playing DIY Punk bands from a different state every week and talking about the legacy of print zines in punk rock. I'll be playing bands from a different state every week, so be sure to tune in with me for a national tour of 90's DIY punk. 

Want to read ahead? You can check out the entire 1992 Book Your Own Life zine here:



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