Illegally Opinionated

Every Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Youth talking to youth. Anonymity encouraged. I hope to explore with the person right in front of me whatever social, cultural, or emotional topic they choose. The show provides itself as a platform for teenagers (high schoolers and college kids) to openly express their ideas, issues, and feelings, and receive a naïve but curious perspective and recognition, feedback, and compassion while also encouraging identity of both the guest and people discussed (unless already public) to discourage exposure. 

I do not try and talk to celebrities, scientists, or even adults, but rather youths who aspire to be all those things. I want to talk to people like ones who dream of making a taco truck, who still fight with their dad over being the man over the house, who had pride in being able to grill better during July 4th than anybody else.

Topics I've previously talked about:

Stereotypes of highschoolers and transitioning process into college.
Reflections on issues with mothers and fathers
Immigration to the US and why they moved


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