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MidMorning Madness

Every Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

MidMorning Madness is a free form show, to help you get through those Thursdays.

Title Artist Album
Annabel Nervous Exits Get Out
black madonna so divine RF Shannon Trickster Blues
kitty Chai Pink
lunch Electric Citizen Helltown
mutations Grand Analog Survival
Mannequin HMLTD Hate Music Last Time Delete EP
The Key Roger Rodier Upon Velveatur
GabberTrap Mix Machine girl WLFGRL
shojo gedo yotsuhaka hito de nashi tsuki
Wasabi Big Baby Tape Dragonborn
Into the Light Foetus Damp
Deceit Asbest Driven
Soldier Richard Dawson Peasant
Touch Like Touch like single 99jakes
my longing Stellabee Kill the breakcore
Untrust in Us Together Clarence Clarity Untrust in Us Together - single
Title Artist Album
we were golden Magnet School The Art of Telling the Truth
good to me Kozmic Cowboy Kozmic Cowboy
all I need Shad A Short Story About a War
bionic chords Knife Knights 1 Time Mirage
you death march JOYFULTALK. Plurality Trip
metallic taste Show Me The Body body war
Egri Egri Dogru Dogru Bans Manco Egri Egri Dogru Dogru
TTYL Morabeza tabacco TTYL-Single
lux Kai whiston Kai Whiston Bitch
Beep April April 5th mini Album 'the blue' EP
Untrust in Us together Clarence Clarity Untrust in Us together-single
Die Some other Day - Too Lazy love spead Sayonara Forever(the shape of j-pop to come)
Vice City Biig Piig Vice city single
Take me away(feat. Dent May) BOYO Take me away(feat. Dent may) single
Title Artist Album
Joanna Dead Sullivsn Season
tooth ache RF Shannon Trickster Blues
Father time Electric Citizen HellTown
Walking Star Chai Pink
Otaku competition warfare Haizai audio​/​Sato♥Shin Haizai audio​/​Sato♥Shin Split
kussou mesorogiwi Yousei Teikoku kussou mesorogiwi-single
Renai Circulation Kana Hawanzawa Renai Circulation- single
Platinum Disco Monogatari series Utamongatari special edition soundtrack
Uyu Uf · Kuyu Yottsu Haka(Four tombs) Hako ni wa
Sniper Rouge(feat Mitch Murder) Satellite Young Satellite Young
Tamashii no Rufuran( Ruin of humans) All that Jazz Ever Jazz
Nankadokka Drugondragon Dokkanodareka doekanoanika
If anything I would like to be happy Kojipull Anonymity
My longing Stellabee Kill the Breakcore
Hutsukayoi GeminisAzul and rkemishi Hutsukayoi - Single
2秒ルール (2 second rule) 中村さんそ( Mr. Nakamura) 中村さんそは超kawaii (Nakamura san is super kawaii)
Postcards Holiday Boys Age The Odyssey
S O M E T I M E S Trinity infinity(トリニティー無限大) B L U E light
Title Artist Album
bistro Abstract Orchestra madvillain, vol 1
It's a flash Nervous Exits Get Out
lead me the glow SHMU Lead Me to the Glow
Over(when we say good bye) Thirdstory Cold Heart
to live to fight Haizai audio​/​Sato♥Shin Haizai audio​/​Sato♥Shin Split
boys seco men Chai Pink
PP2 emamouse pigeon's point
It kills(rendered remix) Rendered Criminal Remixed
touch like 99 jakes Touch like single
Shelly Psuedo desnudo Anthrology
i like to stay home R stevie Moore Glad music
Slo-Dancin' Ricky Eat Acid Haunt U forever
Guessing game Temple of angels S/T
I wanna be with you FlowerTruck I wanna be with you- single
Tattered Delicate steve cowboy stories
I can treat you better(feat. Ariel PInk) Part Time Spell #6
Title Artist Album
Back to the basics 8th avenue Energy Lounge Compilation 7
Batman to Airport The Flying Horse Band The Bat Swings
Good people Patrick Boothe You Have to Believe We Are Tragic
Lift me up The Nightowls We Are The Nightowls
Repeat Allan Rayman Roadhouse 101
the old ones are with us Wolves in the Throne Room thrice woven
Short Hair Tiny little houses Idiot Proverbs
Before it was Worn Street Sects The Kicking Mule
Ogre Richard Dawson Peasant
Mansa Musa Jlin Dark Energy
Pink and Blue Hannah Diamond Pink and blue single
Discoball Eric Copeland Goofballs
club night on germ planet ELOS Limit break
There is a serpent coming Earth Primitive and Deadly
Title Artist Album
Hey, it's me your're talkin to One O'Clock Lab Band Lab 2018
Boxcar Western Sheverb Chapter One
Kill Screen JOYFULTALK. Plurality Trip
Mutations Grand Analog Survival
Pictures of You Sonny Smith Rod For Your Love
Doctor! Doctor! Frank & Stein Frank & stein
Burn The soft moon Criminal
Bat's in the belfry dub Tino Tino breaks volume 6 hallowe'n dub
She comes Wojciech Golzewski Tonight She Comes
Black Flowers Sidewalks and Skeletons The void
Chainsaw Fight Johann Johannssson Mandy
Voodoobilly man Deadbolt single
The blob The five blobs Beach-O-rama
Phantom Freighter Pop. 1280 Paradise
Beware bill buchanan Halloween Party songs
Deceit Asbest Driven
The Monster Bobby please Haunted halloween vol 2
Teenage Heaven Johnny Cymbal Teen Town USA Vol 2
Title Artist Album
Fallen Midcentury Modern Nostalgia
who is speaking Loma Loma
Kamikaze Diamante électrico Diamante électrico
1k honey Fringe Character Phases
Fish don't have Arms or Legs Liminal Drifter The Dreams
Zankokunatenshinoteze Ever Jazz All that jazz
Into the Light Feotus Damp
Lovely Village Calum Bowen Lovely Planet
V1nc3nt com3 on down Brainiac Hiss Prig in the Static Couture
Sugar Shack Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs Cloivs Classics: The definitive Collection
Ultraviolet love scene Loom European Heartache
Vertigo Meridian Brothers Los Suicidas
Kill Screen Machine Girl The Ugly Art
Complication The Monks Black Monk Time
Listen to these chords I play Roger Rodier Upon velveatur
Title Artist Album
Queen of New York Nightstand Trancred
Bargaining TC SuperStar Heat Death
A song for old People Forest Bathing A Hawk and A hacksaw
Hip Hop The Mackrosoft Mackister Ludi: The Glass Weed Game
broken Woman Ruby Velle and the soulponics State of all things
1990 PRGMAT Concrete Jungle Flava
Interplanetary funk Lordapex single
Better in My Day Gazelle Twin Pastoral
Play O Run Camu Tao King of Hearts
You are not Through Evil Nine You can be Special Too
There4u Jowin Kids Food for Jane and Jeff
OJ in my Gucci Bag lilbootycall single
Bone Ballad Mr. Yote Count Toro's House of Heebie Jeebies
The Megadome Nightrun87 NightWolf: survive the megadome
Ski Mask Trey Skies Death of Me
Title Artist Album
drumprovistation the parks project space jazz
ride bahamacide taking control
Laredo Suss Ghost Box
Mr No one Black Moth Super Rainbow Panic Blooms
For Me (feat Kirrah Amosa) Citzen Kay Belly of the Beast
Die wiesse Alm Sergius Golowin Lord Krishna Von Goloka
Next Best Thing Clarence Clarity Next Best Thing - Single
Rock Hamilton Alstatt Harvester OST
少女外道(Shōjo gedō) 四つ墓(yotsuhaka) ひとでなしつき(Hito de nashi-tsuki)
Something Going Telegraph Avenue Telegraph Avenue
I'd Like to Rule the Ice Age Chemtrails Love in Toxic Wasteland
Milano Pop Shinanaide Faster, Pop! Kill! Kill!
Halloween Dream Miserable Halloween Dream(Deluxe Edition)
Title Artist Album
White fang little mazarn little mazarn
47th street Shannen moser ill sing
Messy Serpentwithfeet soil
whisper short moscato the colour of air
yo sigo Ival bad gyal Worldwide angel
Press Start Sven K City 41
覆面調査員 (GabberTrap Mix) Machine Girl WLFGRL+
Work Out DJ Manny Trackaholic Vol.2- EP
whatabuger swerzie whatabuger single
Scratch Captain Raveman The inner Monster
Fancy Clown Abstract Orchestra MadVillian Vol. 1
The Mind Still Travels Sleep Party People Lingering Pt. II
AntiBody Gazelle Twin Unflesh
Irregularly Scheduled Programming Nmesh Dream Sequins®
11:30 PM「¥750/Hr」 Crystal Cola L8 NITE TV
Never Clean My Room Swain The Long Dark Blue
Title Artist Album
empty grave, shallow =, im still alive but my head of shit .gif from god defragmented reformedatted
we're gonna make it through the storm charles Ponder in the spotlight
Save football etc. corner
Feeling it Samurai Champ crayon EP
my mountain home Ranch house Book it to Sundown
Don't Graduate, Senpai! satellite young satellite young
Easy Song Roger Rodier Upon Velveatur
Argument(Turn Up the Heat) Masafumi Takada Danganronpa: Trigger Happy havoc(orginal soundtrack)
Cold Blood magic Parks, Squares and Alleys Cold Blood Magic
Not agaiiin! Nuuro All Clear
Autumn Every Day Jamie Paige Autumn Every Day
A lay for Bryan Ferry Yes Yes HobbyHorse Play Rough
See you Later, I'm Gone Rober Lester Folmsom Ode to a Rainy day archives 1972-1975
Stellular Rose Elinor Dougall Stellular
Title Artist Album
java girl East of Underground East of Undergroud
the loop Dungen/woods Myth 003
The day the music dies Iceage Beyondless
J'adore Leti Garza El NicoPara Mi
Joy Loma Loma
soro Rocco-San SORO
yaparairtu psuedo desnudo Volume One
Cholesterol Heart (God Bless Ya) These new South Whales You Work for Us
Mannequin HMLTD Hate Music Last Time Delete EP
Boxhead (feat. Scraping Foetus off the wheel Feotus Sink
Room 429 Cop Shoot Cop Ask Questions Later
Navigate Marcelo Navigate
In for a World of Hurt Street sects The kicking Mule
Milo tin Tiny Little Houses Milo Tin - Single
On the Front Porch Burl Ives Summer Magic
Far The Soft Moon Deeper

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