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Death Screen

Every Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Welcome to your death screen, where I play high energy, electronic, punk, rap and all the sub genres between. I hope you enjoy your stay. 

Title Artist Album
Psycho Signal Jammer Machine Girl The ugly art
I Want Cash stice single
Bone Clone Meow Meow SPRING BREAK V.A.
Heavy Lips Rodox Trading Dangerous E.P. [EARLY TERROR]
fly me 2 the win screen 99jakes &fmt=18
bare knuckle goreshit nineties rave retrospective collection 1
Security Level B VRTLHVN Bubblegum
TO MY ACID (feat. 33ghostcat) DOBRIYDRUG Between Detroit, Memphis & Chicago
LOVIN' U KRUSH JUKE JUKE AID: Footmahi For The Bushfires
Jump (Prod. Dylan Brady) Lewis Grant single
G6PD Sorry about my face Cotard delusion
足病学 (Original Extended Mix) Juke'n'tosh Plus FOOT SHOPPE
platinum disco 阿良々木月火(井口裕香) 歌物語 -<物語>シリーズ主題歌集-
Pocket Tomboy Cyte Extra In Out
Laura Les - breakin' the habit 𝙬𝙚𝙞𝙧𝙙 𝙣𝙭𝙘® 𝙒𝙀𝙄𝙍𝘿 𝙉𝙓𝘾® - ACT 3
Hand Crushed By A Mallet (100 gecs cover) NOTHANKYOU single
Moon Ride The Burstful Of Hollow Experimental Jet Set, Trash & No Star
DISASSOCIATION aimaiishitsu aimaiishitsu 4
Endless Grey Sewerslvt Digital Dancecore: Ultramix
Strain Bethas Wash
Title Artist Album
DzzxDanika Harrod-Her Loop (Ghozt 160Flip) Ghozt 160points vol.2 (Presented by pìccolo)
セックス  PASSION トリニティー無限大(Trinity infinity) BLUE 光
Bloody Cavalry Corps sHimaU Depressive Breakcore vol.3
Annihilator Pastel (ft. Himeko Katagiri) Cement Tea Megane LP
Lärdulum Polka Emray MK III
こちら、Born Slippy委員会です。 Cyte Cytekinesis Compilation Collection
$ilence shin(())code Depressive Breakcore vol.3
I Want It That Way (Bootleg) [REMASTERED] aimaiishitsu aimaiishitsu 4
fly me 2 the win screen 99jakes &fmt=18
Heisei Internet AllstarZ!!!!!! (Expansion Kit) Cyte Cytekinesis Compilation Collection
BHZHD 2MG VRTLHVN Digital Dancecore: Ultramix
⛧⛧w0w0w0__♫_♫__dreammzzz⛧⛧⛧ ancient origin ⛧⛧__⛧⛧kevo♥_♥♥♫♫♫☠
23visual aimaiishitsu aimaiishitsu 4
Machine Girl - Out By 16, Dead on the Scene (Theravada Remix) Dred Collective Machine Girl - WLFGRL Remixes A
Magic Fluffy Tail matoakai Wonderful Seifuku
Notch Captain Raveman [OTMN067] 内なる怪物 - The Inner Monster -
ain't ya heard? (Hitori Tori remix) goreshit AP1 - Nineties Rave Retrospective Volume 7
pon goreshit blue girl on sunday
Immaterial Emray MK III
on the break train goreshit nineties rave retrospective collection 1
Brilliant Beam acqua pazza Vol.15.5 HARDCORE COMPILATION
蒼い嘘 中村さんそ( Mr. Nakamura) 中村さんそは超kawaii
Sky Fortress ClearVisionDream Productions [ s l o t 2 ( ! ? ) ]
Run, Kirby, Run! Jun Ishikawa Kirby Super Star Original Soundtrack (GAMERIP)
2029 goreshit nineties rave retrospective collection 1
PIERCING THROUGH PERCEPTION aimaiishitsu aimaiishitsu 4
Neon Genesis Evangelion Yoko Takahashi Neon Genesis Evangelion OST
Orya Orya Orya [CUEPEEDOG & DJ.DAI REMIX] Sanmal 160points vol.2 (Presented by pìccolo)
Title Artist Album
This sound is for the underground krome and time this sound is for the underground
jungle Muffin The moof Dials to Maximum
Hot flame Papa G and DJ dextrous and H Pee Better mus Come
Tales from the darkside remix Tango & Ratty tales from the darkside remixes
prisioners of pleasure 90s process the OJ from metz
not being awake AKAZI my life is over
live mush up 2019 monad spring break V.A
those who aim at the castle tower shinji hosoe bushido blade ost
1% mr nakamure kawaii
bloodstains 100 gecs 100 gecs
probably end up dead in a ditch somewhere Neros day at disneyland from rotting fantasylands
Title Artist Album
Urban Warfare The Criminal minds Guilt as charged
Do you like tools 90 process The OJ from the metz
Channel Breaker(2016 Refix) DJ necojita Super Reunion
Ghost Patterns Bat trip reverting Spirals
Jump Up Casketkrusher and Adrian Overdrive jump up mixes
yell "dead Cell" norihiko hibino Metal Gear Solid 2 OST
angel Yangire Electra-violet.FM
Sorry Krampf Inutile De fuir
Outside W00dy timberdoodle
RBM Noise Ensamble RMB noise Ensamle SHIT UP FOOL
Contagious Body Five Star Hotel Gravity Signal
Control Freaks The outside agency, dither & mindustries 15 years of prspct
Title Artist Album
Acab lil texas Texcore EP
Not like this 703 863 4357 Lyse
303 Neptune Flight Xoark Bad metaphysics
Winter Akazi My life is over
Yet i sit here alone Tarutrit tarutrit
Dissociated Girlfriend GirlFriend
eternal peace Sorry about my face гул в тишине
Class trail(the sun) masafumi takada Danganronpa trigger happy havoc soundtrack
Destination Hexsystem Carbon
church of Hal DJ TECHNORCH Virgin In
yona 1.1 ash koosha Akual
My Machine Blank Banshee Mega
Phantom Body Bonnie Baxter ask me how satan started
Clear Tamei Iglooghost Clear Tamei
Title Artist Album
escalope Boursin dj jon piemel Piemelsap Vol 1
sherbalato Swisha Assrted Flavors Vol4
Your ghost(feat Maria Amor) Chrissy Resilience
Venus Mansion(feat. doseone) jukio kallio Nuclear throne ost
U got that(ant electronics flip) DJKurara single
Pop DJ manny Trackaholic Vol 2
Smoking Reggie DJ earl Open you eyes
out by 16 dead on the scene remix Uaxyacac WLFGRL Remixes
Staten Island Summer Candle Fly Dizzy angel
Final Garden DM DOkuro Undertale the untouched radio
Song for the hated Otrembu eio Atomiswave
In he scary Ocean star box chipbox
Oyasumi forever love spread and oyasumi oyasumi forever
1% mr nakamura kawai
Title Artist Album
Dod emamouse eye Cavity
Adrenaline Horror Kelly Bailey
popopopoopopopoooopon cyte Shit Up fool
We Eat Delicious Stars Vandvl From Russia with Breakcore
Flip Out Think Chan tsugihagi Suiciders
Satellite stellabee Kill the Breakcore
Running Machine DJ TECHNORCH Virgin In
I fink u Freaky pizza circus Spring Break V.A
Mental Oxide hawawa OTMN059 Bananafish EP
Amen Breaks Only Live Twice Sutegma Amenman vs mechanical amenman
Hate mee 1395-2019
growing smaller Woody RnBw
365 Raijuu Thief
Too complicated, caught in ceiling fan Snuff Queen Things Vol: 1
Title Artist Album
anything(remix captain raveman) PZG are we there yet?
fixer Nuyuri fixer-single
Anoko No Asoko Love Spread Crl+M(demos)
PaRappa Stab 99jakes Parappa Stab-single
kimble rave(beta) goreshit nineties rave retrospective collection 1
Deja Vu Ganjoid Majik-Pak vol. 1
Autophage suspicion The neodissociationist
Testyear Five Star Hotel Gravity Signal -EP
feels good(feat. Dylan Brady and Laura Les) osno1 Big Summer Jams 2018
out by 16, Dead on the Scene Machine Girl WLFGRL
Omission of the world Yoko Shimomura Parasite Eve OST
Fever Dreamcrusher Fever-single
Bone 2 Dub (dub) hitori tori & robot speaker hitori tori X robot speaker -EP
One Silver Dollar L'OMBLE MALMA L'omble Malma
metro city xoark bad Metaphysics
Title Artist Album
Symphony 1 (Live Arrangement) Emily Wells In the Hot
Comfort Satchy Comfort
What Would I Do? Strawberry Guy What Would I Do?
Cellophane Car The Stroppies Whoosh
Lady Solinas Pottery Lady Solinas
Burning Bride Shilpa Ray Last Year's Savage
Cosmic Queen Pearl Earl Pearl Earl
Don't Want to Say Good-bye Cut Worms Hollow Ground
License to Drive Work Drugs Absolute Bearing
Sweat Moss Of Aura Wading
Grande Comore Southern Shores Atlantic EP
Chairman Gou James Supercave Better Strange
Be My Baby The Ar-Kaics S / T
Title Artist Album
Surf Rock 2014(Perfect Door/Odor/Rodo) Kiddy Pool Super Pony Perv Plus EP
Pigeon Krtm Consumer(The worst of Krtm)
20th century jungle Deformer and FF 15 years of prspct
The hammer stazma the junglechirst A gaint skull made of guns
2ct7(feat qebrus) Mr. Bill 2ct7 single
plastic anniversary Matmos plastic anniversary
angel flavor's present yu miyake Katamari damacy soundtrack
black hallow x.nte I heal quickly & completely
square movement bedwetter flick your tongue against your teeth and describe reality
heat transfer blank body easy prey
(0-0) snarg snarg
strecatlo vandvl Frum Russia with breakcore
New school shanson Breakz UBRZ New school shanson breakz
Network Attacks Heptaedium CYBER ELITE 2K15
Title Artist Album
people inc Candle Fly People inc single
hrt girls Rituals Reddishness
nwofka skullboy machine girl The ugly Art
w@orldfare nordviell fall sythe of luna power flower
piano vreakcore snuff queen things Vol.1
Space Scrooler Girls Eating Boys Mushroom fairies
Cancer(exhibit a - decadance) Yangire Kuso
Popular Umru, osno1 and Laura les search results
Crisis Mode Five Star Hotel Open Wound
Manhunter Hexsystem Carbon
Mass destruction Shoji Meguro P3 soundtrack
illness worse than death DM Dokuro Undertale: the untouched radio
Cat's mind (masayoshi iimori remix) tsukumonemu Kazenkenkotai
Phantom Body Bonnie Baxter Ask Me How Satan Started
Toxiccandies emamouse build a parrallax
dance of the peddlers Gazelle Twin Pastoral
Kystral GB Vaperror Mana Pol
Luna doon kanda Luna
Title Artist Album
four season Think-chan Tsugihagi Suiciders
Fly me 2 the win screen 99jakes &fmt=18
teenagers(osno1 sad prom will never end remix) osno1 REMIXES 2017
mimic goreshit blue girl on sunday
metro city xoark bad metaphysics
medium difficulty girls eating boys mushroom fairies
caramel cookie cute girls doing cute thing cutie jams vol. 1
flower garden aimaiishitsu aimaiishitsu
aint that funny sick YG madworld official soundtrack
unicorn dude(diyu mix) demonbitch secret flat earth mega murder party
Missy Punk Machine girl Gemini
highway surfing captain raveman The inner monster
the time has gone Sorry about my face seems like an echo inside my head
almondrmx213 weathergirl auda ep
the holder Kill alters no self helps
out by 16 dead on the scene(uaxyacac remix) uaxyacac WRLGRL remixes B
the industrial average graham kartna illegal transmissions over boyos, ON
anthropic principles clarence clarity anthropic principles single
Title Artist Album
04 DR - Discussion - HEAT UP (1-3) Masafumi Takada dangangronpa crypt of the necrodancer remixes
9 is the master 99jakes singles
life howls RIB x NERU Single Life Howls
Flowers in Bloom(feat. Volocaloid Gumi) ODDEEO & KARMA WEARS WHITE TIES Wesley dreamers
all of your life(feat. Miku) elisile all of your life single
Housewife Radio Thanks to you Song Ghost
sayonara forever Love Spread Sayonara Forever
Small Machines Sven K City 41
Heaven's Night Akira Yamaoak Silent hill 2 OST
mametchi/usohachi(feat Mr. Yote) Iglooghost Chinese Nu Yr
those who can't, cheat Clarence Clarity No Now
The FlameHeart(feat Kasane teto & Namine Ritsu) Death Ohagi Super Kasane Teto
queer(Sweet 16) Five Star Hotel Gravity Signal
Cancer(exhit A- decadance) Yangire Kuso
oyasumi Forever oyasumi hologram and love spread Oyasumi foever
Kuusou Mesorogiwi Yousei Teikoku single
Title Artist Album
philistine Maru, Jun Fukuda, Nobuhiko Sagara, Brain Gray, Nadia Gifford No more heros 2 ost
Rubik's Cube Hatesune Miku Rubik's Cube-single
kataomoi- unrequited love(miku version) Xenon-P Marukunaru / Tamago-kake-gohan
shooting star(feat. Oyamano Mayo) Death Ohagi Super Kasane Teto Collection
Pretending(feat. Nata) AdyS Pretending-EP
zero 123f~0.V~the Game! scythe of Luna zero 123f~0.V~the Game! Single
SAVE Medley Dm Dokuro Undertale: the underground
specialize Snuff Queen Things Vol: 1
Simply love Matoakai Wonderful Seifuku
less than silver Goreshit I Hardly Knew You
Dark Matter Sprouts ~Re~(feat. cyber Diva) Scythe of Luna Power Flower
Face the Fire Boy Harsher Careful
Imaginary boi Punipunidenki Mirai Addiction
PP2 Emamouse pigeon's point
Title Artist Album
Underworld, Boss Arena Senpai Suicide Club Cyber Elite 2k15
FIRE Smug Anime Face S.A.F
Ditch a body in the laundry(feat. Dylan Brady) osno1 hello kitty skates to the fuckin CEMETARY
AS Crust Amnesia Scanner AS
Anxiety Dynamic Sven K Sven(one thousand)
Dead Friends Frequency Senpai suicide club, Yakui The Maid Yakui Suicide
you are the crystal gems(I am not) AMEN-chan Tsugihagi Suiciders
bloodstains 100 gecs 100 gecs
church of Hal DJ TECHNORCH Virgin In
yourendisnear Oomlat Demo MMXV
Rocket Gurls! Girls Eating Boys Mushroom Fairies
If you cry Sorsari Kudatah, Vol. 1
Blooming Villain Persona 5 persona 5 soundtrack
98 flow( feat. Xackn) big baby tape Dragonborn
excruiating deth I hate redHat's WLFGRL remixes B
Title Artist Album
Sigh Favorite Post nightcore is Dead
Forever forever Guardian angel Mr. Genda
Walk up to your House Spellling Pantheon of Me
Killing Yangire Kuso
Loop Version Machine girl The ugly art
The clock Malion Enigma
Small parade/ I numb you </3 99jakes &fmt=18
flowers in the dark Love Spread Host in the hell - EP
how to dress as human osno1 I just dont wanna name it anything with "beach" in the title
nighthawks Five Star Hotel Open Wound
Today I started Slogging again Foetus Deaf
AntiBody Gazelle twin Unflesh
Mr monokuma after class Masafumi takada danganronpa trigger happy havoc V1 soundtrack
accelerator instrumental Paul White Accelerator self titled
my longing Stellabee Kill the breakcore
Boss Battle(feat. Trends) Sven K City 41

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