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Unseen Power of the Picket Fence

Every Friday from 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.

Flashback to 1983...

Find out what made you and me. All the indie bands had to start somewhere. Listen, and you'll hear. 


Sure, you know Pavement, Yo La Tengo, and Dinosaur Jr, but tune in to discover their kin, all the indie kids who never got a break. This show highlights the bands from back when our parents were cool.


Just trying to emulate WTJU '86–'89

Title Artist Album
That's When I Reach for My Revolver Mission of Burma Signals, Calls and Marches
Wrong Archers of Loaf Icky Mettle
Spit Me Out THE SPITS The Spits
This... fIREHOSE Ragin', Full-On
The Freed Pig Sebadoh III
Bad Diary Days Pedro the Lion It's Hard to Find a Friend
Twist of Fate The Cry beautiful reasons
Tilted Sugar Beaster
Ruddy's Waltz The Glands Double Thriller
Death and the Maiden The Verlaines Juvenilia
About the Weather Magazine Magic, Murder and the Weather
Jacking the Ball The Sea and Cake The Sea and Cake
Chump or Champ? Butterglory Downed: A Singles Collection
Clouds Quasi R&B Transmogrification
Virginia Reel Around the Fountain The Halo Benders The Rebels Not In
Build The Minders Cul-de-Sacs & Dead Ends
Title Artist Album
The Opera House The Olivia Tremor Control Music from the Unrealized Film: Dusk at Cubist's Castle
Tally Ho! The Clean Compilation
Made Up in Blue The Bats Daddy's Highway
Cactus Cat Look Blue Go Purple Look Blue Go Purple Compilation
Emma Blowgun's Last Stand Beulah When Your Heartstrings Break
Like a Summer Rain The Ladybug Transistor The Albemarle Sound
Trees The Essex Green The Essex Green
I Wanna Be Your Dog Uncle Tupelo 89/93: An Anthology
Until You Came Along Golden Smog Weird Tales
Barrel Chested Slobberbone Barrel Chested
Mistress Red House Painters Red House Painters I
Bedside Table Bedhead WhatFunLifeWas
Hears of Palm IDAHO Hearts of Palm
Love Songs on the Radio Mojave 3 Ask Me Tomorrow
Title Artist Album
The Air We Share The Gerbils The Battle of Electricity
Ike Fruitcake Hey Drag City
Age of the Sun The Sunshine Fix Age of the Sun
Crazy Rhythms The Feelies Crazy Rhythms
Queen of Eyes The Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight
Bi-Polar Summer Jonathan Fire*Eater Wolf Songs for Lambs
Canyon Ride Beachwood Sparks Beachwood Sparks
Grudge Pain Midgets with Guns
One Under Parr No Trend Tritonian Nash-Vegas Polyester Complex
C-Side Marble Valley Sunset Sprinkler
Hooray for Tuesday The Minders Hooray for Tuesday
You Were Wrong Loose Fur Loose Fur
Ten Thousand Years Old Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't Individualized Shirts
Sunday You Need Love The Jesus Lizard Goat
Storming Great Lakes Great Lakes
The Fall Beat Happening Beat Happening
Title Artist Album
Puzzle Pieces Tiger Trap Tiger Trap
Ivanka Imperial Teen On
Tiger Lily Luna Bewitched
The Hermit Crab Lilys Eccsame the Photon Band
Take the Skinheads Bowling Camper Van Beethoven Telephone Free Landslide Victory
He'd Be a Diamond The Belvis Frond New River Head
Cool Guitar Boy Heavenly Heavenly vs. Satan
Insinuation Folk Implosion Insinuation
Planetary Rainer Maria Look Now Look Again
Rest Your Head Wrens Secaucus
Barely Real Codeine Barely Real
Hey Latasha Seam Are You Driving Me Crazy?
Need You Around Smoking Popes Born to Quit
Shiny, Shiny Pimpmobile East River Pipe The Gasoline Age
Title Artist Album
New Trition Desert Storm
Cold Blooded Old Times Smog
New Partner Palace Music
Couldn't You Wait? Silkworm
Superdeformed Matthew Sweet
Tomboy Betty Serveert
Slugger Tsunami
Theme From "For Russ" Chavez
Copacetic Velocity Girl
Famous Eyes Silver Jews
Title Artist Album
Plainclothes Man Heatmiser Mic City Sons
Web in Front Archers of Loaf Icky Mettle
Slack M**********r Superchunk Superchunk
Thermal Treasure Polvo Today's Active Lifestyles
Don't Touch My Binkini The Halo Benders God Don't Make No Junk
Follow Eric's Trip Love Tara
A Little Touched Great Lakes Great Lakes
Your Parades Circulatory System Circulatory System
Letter From Overend Lunchbox Summer's Over
Nomad Tell Us The Music Tapes 1st Imaginary Symphony for Nomad
Teeth Royal Trux Cats and Dogs
Deceptacon Le Tigre The Punk Singer
Indian Summer Beat Happening Jamboree
No Gold Digger Bonnie "Prince" Billy Arise Therefore
Memphis Portastic I Hope Your Heart Is Not Brittle
Title Artist Album
Maroon Bible Beulah Handsome Western States
Teenage Jesus The Grifters One Sock Missing
Pacer The Amps Pacer
I Wish I was Him Noise Addict 10,000 Kids with Guns
NYC-25 The Olivia Tremor Control Music from the Unrealized Film: Dusk at Cubist Castle
It's Hard to Turn Me On Quasi Featuring "Birds"
Random Rules Silver Jews American Water
Positive Vibrations The Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight
Leave Your Food Poke It with a Stick
Gone to the Worms Tall Dwarfs The Short and Sick of It
Never Never Go The Chills Kaleidoscope World
Lying in State The Verlaines Hallelujah All the Way Home
She's an Aeroplane Chocolate U.S.A. All Jets are Gonna Fall Today
Temporary Arm Elf Power Vainly Clutching at Phantom Limbs
Glue The Gerbils Are You Sleepy
Pretty Merrina The Glands Double Thriller

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