JPEGMAFIA  & Danny Brown at Stubb's

JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown at Stubb's

August 26, 2023 in Concert Reviews

by DJ Daffodil

JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown at Stubb's

When I first heard the collaboration album SCARING THE HOES from JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown, I could only imagine how epic the mosh pit would be to these new songs. On August 25, 2023, my dreams came true. I arrived early at Stubb’s, braving the heat to secure a spot close to the stage. The heat from the crowd mixed with the record-breaking Texas heat, but spirits remained high. Someone played the Fantano album review for all to see.

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Opener Kenny Mason Brought the energy with his set. I was thoroughly impressed by his commanding stage presence and mix of high-energy songs and stripped-back vocals. Kenny Mason explained his rules for the pit:

  1. If someone falls, pick them up
  2. Don’t be weird to the women in the crowd
  3. Be safe!

This laid the groundwork for one of the nicest and most respectful crowds I had ever experienced. I hate to admit that mosh pits can be more intimidating as a woman, but throughout the entirety of the evening, I felt nothing but safe and comfortable. I often feel that openers have the impossible job of entertaining a group of people who are simply waiting for their set to end, but although initially unfamiliar with Kenny Mason, I left the show with a newfound respect for him and his work.

The energy was palpable by the time JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown took the stage. They opened the set just as they did the album with Lean Beef Patty. After a couple of songs off of the album, Danny Brown left the stage so that JPEGMAFIA--aka Peggy--could perform a couple of his own songs. Barring the minor technical difficulties that occurred during his set, the energy was nonstop. The mosh grew bigger and as the heat became even more oppressive the number of shirts on in the crowd decreased significantly. In fact, leaving the concert, many a shirt, shoe, and other miscellaneous objects could be found lying on Stubb’s floor. After Peggy’s solo set, Danny Brown came out to perform some of his own songs as well. As a fairly new Austinite, Danny Brown lovingly referred to performing here as a “home game”. And if you were wondering--yes he really does sound like that in real life. His voice was incredible and sounded just like the recordings.


After their solo sets, the two came back together to play the final songs of the concert. They performed one of my favorites, Garbage Pale Kids, and I grew even more impressed with the artistry of the pair. The mosh was raging at this point as the title track Scaring the Hoes began to play. The crowd clapped along to the intro which led to a crescendo of energy as the beat finally dropped. After the song ended it felt as though there was no possible energy left to expend. But the duo wasn’t finished. The final song turned out to be the most hype yet, and as Fentanyl Tester began to play it seemed as though there was a collective second wind. I was flung from my friends as the mosh raged on. As the final notes played and the two said goodbye, the lights began to glow and I could see the faces of the people I had been so intimately connected to through the music just moments ago. After locating my friends, we left the show, amazed--and in one case, shirtless because someone had accidentally taken his shirt and was never to be found again.

Overall, the JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown show was absolutely amazing. The crowd was so respectful and fun, which really enhanced the music and the experience as a whole. Although I knew it was going to be high-energy, nothing could have prepared me for the levels of energy and excitement present at the Stubb’s that night. Definitely one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while--or maybe ever.

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