Yves Tumor Reminds us Rock does in fact, Still Exist

Yves Tumor Reminds us Rock does in fact, Still Exist

October 18, 2023 in Concert Reviews

by DJ Kitty

Yves Tumor seemed to explode a little bit across the stage when they entered, their chrome mic shining like some cyber phone as they sang into it, the same chrome embossed across their guitar.

All five members of the band wore slick black sunglasses, their leather jackets and vests a callout of an earlier era of rock, The set was hard to miss if walking by, flashing blue and purple lights flying out of the tent, while the guitars sang and bass thrummed hard throughout the small Tito’s stage. 

Yves' “Operator” had the entire crowd yelling  “Be aggressive” like cheerleaders in Bring it on, the energy beneath the surface ready to explode every time the lead guitarist would slam into the next guitar lick. 

The show got more and more chaotic as time went on, as Yves ran and jumped on amps and all over the stage and eventually just into the crowd, security scrambling to make sure they were safe. It felt more like a house show than anything with their energy, the band going into 10 minute long jams on “God is a Circle” and “Ebony Eye”.

Yves' movements were animated, slowly stripping down to just their boxers and knee socks, teasing the crowd with their hips then shooting with a running leap into the front of the crowd again, slamming a can down, a waterfall spray of beer rocketing over the crowd.

A moment of peaceful energy came during "Limerence", allowing the crowd and the band to breathe before launching into the last moments of the show. Which they certainly did, the power of “Kerosene” lighting up the crowd with another long jam, Yves pretty much in the crowd the entirety of the song, stripping down the pomp of ACL to feel like they were an artist we had discovered on a crumpled poster tacked on a telephone pole. 

From the beginning to end of the show the energy never stopped and barely slowed, reminding everyone who came that Yves Tumor was at their core, a hell of a rock band.

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