Artist Profile: Daphne Tunes

Artist Profile: Daphne Tunes

March 26, 2020 in Features

by Wes Simms

Photo by Pooneh Ghana


We are kicking off a new blog series highlighting our favorite artists to support right now, considering that tours have been put on hold. First up on the list is local favorite, Daphne Tunes

While the songs are written by Santiago RD, the live band is a super group comprised of members of several other bands. Namely: Sam Houdek (Why Bonnie, Growl), Andrew Stevens (Hovvdy, Lomelda), Josh Halpern (Shearwater, Marmalakes), and Peter Shults (Teddy Glass, Hello Wheels). Santi writes songs that embody his favorite day of the week: Sunday. As their Spotify bio eloquently puts it, "they make warm pop songs with shimmering, lived-in arrangements, perfect for a relaxed morning or a long drive." Not only are they a great band, but Santiago and Sam are KVRX alums!

Enjoy this throwback video of the two of them playing together in Growl on Local Live.

Back in October, they released their sophomore album, Volume 2. The band is really hitting their stride on this one with more head bopping melodies and intricate instrumentation. Not that this is any surprise. The group also has some exciting collaborations on the record with some other KVRX favorites: Lomelda and Laura Colwell of Sun June!

We can't get enough of it. You can't either? Head on over to Bandcamp and pick up a copy of Volumes 1 & 2 on vinyl or some of their sweet new merch! This record and a cup of coffee make for a great start to the day.

Here's a taste of Volume 2 with Santiago playing "Signal" for Some of that, please.

At the beginning of March, Santiago, Sam, and Peter came on my Monday night show, Green Onions, to spin some of their tunes and talk about what went into the new record. You missed it? We've got you covered with the full episode on Mixcloud!

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