Meet Your Music Promotions Director Matthew Click

Meet Your Music Promotions Director Matthew Click: + Spring 2024 Staff

May 2, 2024 in Features

by MC Lust

How long you've been at staff?

1 semester.

What is your major and year of graduation?

Biochemistry | 2024

Do you have a show at KVRX? What's the name and what's it about?

I host the sultry and vibrant world of erótica, where music becomes a safe haven for desire and connection. Through a spicy blend of r&b, pop, and hip hop, let me, mc lust, take you on an "alternative and experimental" joyride through a realm of artistic self-expression, celebrating the diverse voices of latin, poc, and lgbtqia+ artists.

Why you joined KVRX?

To be a dj obvi :p

What's your favorite KVRX memory?

Watching daydream twins perform at electric church w/ my friends.

Advice for New DJs?

Have fun and be yourself :))

Matthew's Picks:

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